The first record of the distillery in Veľké Orvište dates back to 1898. Since 1995, besides the production of liquor, the distillery has also produced and bottled spirits under the brand MODRÝ STROM (BLUE TREE). Ever since, the range of products is constantly extended with new ones. The choice of all input components, from spirits, distillates, aromas, up to treated drinking water are subject to strict entry controls. The liquors currently produced are classified according to their level of quality: traditional liquors, fruit and sweetened liquors, RIVVIS brand products, cut distillates and original Bošáca distillates. In the group of RIVVIS liquors, special attention is paid to the treatment of alcohol and to the entire special technology. For the production of distillates we purchase high-quality fruit on the basis of contracts. The fruit is distilled in our own distillery, which boasts a 70-year tradition. The liquors are bottled in our distillery under strict supervision. Our products are distributed to store chains all over Slovakia and abroad under our brand. We also bottle our products into exclusive packages according to the requirements of our clients.

  MODRÝ STROM s.r.o., Páleničná 43, 922 01 Veľké Orvište, Slovak Republic